Barnes Recycling - Tennessee Scrap Metal & Aluminum Recycling - FAQs

FAQ & Helpful Tips

We believe that a better informed customer will be a better long term customer. Several frequently asked questions are listed below. If you still have unanswered questions, call us at 865-397-9040 or complete our contact form with your inquiry.

Q: What is scrap metal?
A:"Scrap metal" means any ferrous or non-ferrous metal that is no longer used for its original purpose and is capable of being processed for reuse by a metal recycling facility. This includes, but is not limited to, iron, brass, wire, cable, copper, bronze, aluminum, platinum, lead, solder, steel, stainless steel, catalytic converters, or other similar obsolete ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Aluminum cans are not scrap metal.

Q: Will a customer have to be fingerprinted?
A: Yes

Q: Which types of Identification can I use when selling metals?
A: Valid Govt. issued ID, w/picture, State/Federal Driver's Lic., State Issued ID, Valid Passport, Valid Military ID, Non-Resident Alien Border Crossing Card, US Immigration and Naturalization Service ID

Q: Will a signature be required with every transaction?
A: Yes

Q: Can you purchase from minors?
A: No.

Q: How long will a customer have to wait to get their copper and/or catalytic converter checks?
A: The State Law Requires a 5 day waiting period.

Q: Can I sell HVAC units or parts of a HVAC unit?
A: HVAC coils, condensers, evaporators can only be sold as scrap by a business with one or more of the following: a) Contractors or Commercial Contractors License. b) Business with a class 4 classification indicating business as a HVAC installer/repairer. Business must also have sales tax ID.



  • We buy almost anything metal, or mostly metal. Not just aluminum cans or copper.
  • What many people put in the trash, we buy for cash
  • Prices can change daily, weekly or monthly, depending on market conditions
  • Prices depend upon many factors, such as thickness of the metal or alloys. (mixing of different metals such as aluminum or copper)
  • We pay cash or check for purchases
  • We accept tires on rims
  • You do not need to crush aluminum cans
  • You do not need to separate metals
  • You do not need to take off rubber, plastic or wood. We will gladly purchase your appliances as-is.
  • We accept whole cars! You do not need to take the time to take hoses off of car radiators, remove steel screws off aluminum doors or remove steel off aluminum car parts.